Climate Change Deniers Crafted the Original Alternative Facts

Our title for today is (mostly) shamelessly plagiarised from an article by Eric Pooley in Time magazine:

Climate Change Denial Is the Original Fake News

According to Mr. Pooley:

The great struggle of our era will be fact versus deliberate fiction. Americans have watched this battle unfold in the 2016 presidential election and the early days of the Donald Trump Administration, as a leader who plays fast and loose with the facts begins to erode the very idea of evidence-based public debate.

For those fighting to solve climate change, this is an old story. Professional climate-change denial is the original fake news.

I’m not talking about your grumpy uncle’s doubts about whether climate change is real. I’m talking about the fossil fuel-funded, decades-long, under-the-radar public-relations campaign that helped sow those doubts.

We couldn’t agree more, and this site has grown out of our previous documentary evidence of such “under-the-radar public-relations campaigns” in the Arctic sea ice subset of the climate change “debate”. Eric continues:

The goal of the professional deniers is to spread doubt about facts that have been established through decades of research. Knowing that most people reasonably enough don’t have the time or training to investigate scientific claims, they toss out random theories and see what gains traction. Water vapor, suns spots and the Medieval Warm Period have all had a turn.
We recently saw a fresh round of climate propaganda. A columnist in the London tabloid Mail on Sunday falsely accused scientists at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of fudging temperature data. The writer used the familiar tactic of taking an obscure scientific point (there are small differences in the globally averaged temperature results published by various scientific institutions) and pretending that it discredits climate science itself. This is like calling your diet an abject failure because one scale says you lost 39 pounds and another says you lost 40. The claims have been authoritatively debunked. The so-called “whistleblower” featured in the fake news story has even come forward to say there was no fraud.

Yet inside the echo chamber of climate lies, the bogus claim spread farther and faster that those rebuttals ever will. Breitbart-style outlets hailed the “news” and conservative bloggers, tweeters and politicians amplified it. Representative Lamar Smith, the climate change–denying chair of the U.S. House Science Committee, whose campaigns are largely bankrolled by oil money, issued a breathless press release and raised the issue at a recent hearing. And Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s pick to head the EPA, has been using the same kind of climate disinformation in his oral and written Senate confirmation testimony.

Please read the Time article in it’s entirety, but for our “Great White Con” sister site’s in depth exposé of “what gains traction” in “the climate change–denying chair of the U.S. House Science Committee’s” latest such campaign please also see:

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et seq.

You can watch the denialosphere spinning this “inconvenient truth” even as we speak:

Lamar Smith is currently conducting an Orwellian “show trial” of NOAA.

Watch this space!

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