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It’s February 9th 2017 and any number of worrying things are happening around Planet Earth at the moment.

Perhaps the most worrying of all is the advent of Donald Trump and his scorched Earth policy against rational decision making based on sound science. The latest of his attacks on United States “Climate and/or Environment” scientific agencies was hatched last weekend, and we saw it coming. Donald Trump has got the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration in his cross-hairs.

Meanwhile not so very long ago “Counselor to the President” Kellyanne Conway coined the immortal phrase “Alternative Facts”

Please see our “About #AFW™” page for much more background information, but at the very least please watch this video to discover how “The Land of the Free” has morphed into “TrumpLand” in a matter of weeks:

A show trial of the American Association for the Advancement of Science? Congressman Lamar Smith presiding!

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